New music and art by DMLH, plus other good tunes for all tomorrow's leaders.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I have been working on this album for the past year. It has been a process of writing, performance, reflection, editing, writing, recording, listening, editing, writing, performance and recording. I am very pleased to have met Joe Cyrus who was kind enough to let me take home some of his beats and begin work on this project. We have found a mutual love for soul music and positive energy and it has led to some incredible songs and great times.

This album is many conversations at once. It is my response to Joe's production. It is my response to the music of my brother. It is my response to the multitudes of beauty i find in the creative communities I take part in. It is my response to a falling world. It is a statement of where I am at, so that I may someday recall the moment. It is a letter to the friends I've lost touch with, and even to those I see every day.

This is a remedy for a broken heart.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

prismACTIVISM: Artists in Dialog + DMLH album release party!

YES. THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. DMLH is finally releasing the full length album, and i'm not too proud to say it is fucking dope. For real, i am stoked on this project and it is the independent honest hip-hop I wanted it to be. Entirely produced by Joe Cyrus, the music is soulful and funky, classic hip hop style that provokes dancing in the club and nodding in the whip. Entirely written by DMLH, with a few quotes from friends just to say whats up. No guest appearances, this is 35 minutes of DMLHISM.

Actually Happening will be available on Tuesday May 3rd for download and physical mailorder. I am hand-collaging (with paint, stamps, pen and photobooth images) 200 cases for a limited release (signed and numbered of course) and this will be available exclusively in person or via my bandcamp page.

BUT WAIT, that is not all. This Friday May 6th, from 6-12, at the esteemed Launch Pad Gallery here in Portland OR, I am celebrating this release and the arts community I have become a part of. I have contacted 20+ artists who's work has inspired me in the course of making this album and asked them to create a response to the music. I could be a comment, a translation, an abstraction created while listening - anything that comes out of their relationship to what I have created.

This is prismACTIVISM - direct action and full spectrum effect.

Featuring music from DMLH, JOE CYRUS, DAPS, GEPETTO, NEW PIONEERS and JAKE KOST, Live painting and an incredible hanging show, this is gonna be alot of fun.