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Monday, April 30, 2012


So we have been spending most of our nights at Valiant Records abusing the studio privileges for the past few months. BIG BANG. Not sure what to say about it yet so why don't you listen and make up your own mind. (FREE DL VIA BANDCAMP)

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

VIDEO - Jake Kost "The Raw Deal" [Honest Hip Hop]

The homie Jake Kost is back with another video produced by PortArea productions. This dude goes in harder and more complex than most of the kids out these days...apparently people are starting to notice cuz this vid got near 3000 views in a week. CHECK IT OUT

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Big day for Portland - New Releases from IAME and Serge Severe [Honest Hip Hop]

WHATUP YALL, I have been so busy workin on this Big Bang project that I have clearly neglected this blog. Thankfully my inbox is full today with great news: two of the more dope rappers in this town full of dope rappers are kicking the spring off right some well anticipated new releases.
Serge Severe, who has been crushing solo for a while, as well as with the group Animal Farm, dropped an EP today entirely produced by Terminill, who's production credits include Luck-One and Mistah Fab. Titled Service Without A Smile as a "metaphor for the ruthless music industry", the project features appearances from Luck-One, Jon Belz and DJ Wels. Dope beats and the emcee who has already let us know he is Back on My Rhymes - yeah go get yours here: Via Mediafire

IAME, the perpetual line crosser from both Oldominon and Sandpeople, has also dropped a project today that you can grab as a pay--what-you-want download from the Heaven Noise Bandcamp. Lame$tream, produced entirely by Smoke M2D6, is a follow up to last years Lame and is filled with the same depth of storytelling that requires a rewind. This time around its less self-deprecating humor and more dark undertones. The press release is calling it "post-swag music for a new day and a new wrong." Maybe just to keep his humor intact IAME also dropped The Deaf Kid Mixtape featuring the swagged out Young Coconut...this past Sunday (jus sayin). Get it all at the Heaven Noise Bandcamp.

DAMN. Okay you got your double (triple really) dose of Portland Hip Hop, so spread the word and enjoy this video while your DL completes. #SWAGGUPY EVERYTHING


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