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Thursday, February 17, 2011

DMLH Live Honest Hip Hop at The Pub at the End of the Universe - Portland, OR - 1/12/11

SO last week it was my homie Joe Cyrus birthday and we were celebrating, with a bunch of heads dropping new material and a badass freestyle cypher late in the night. In attendance was Daps, Gepetto, Abadawn, Wellis Fool, Diction One, Prime Source, Kable Roc, Gavin Theory and many more heads from the pdx scene (dont hate if i forgot you).

Anyway this guy who was there captured video of most of the night and caught my whole set in one take. I was losing my voice to this nasty cold that everyone in Portland has right now, so by the end of it its pretty much gone, but check it out, watch the whole thing or just skip through, this will give you an idea of where my songs are at these days, as I finish up and get ready for my album release party in May.

Just more Honest Hip Hop from my Indie Rap Adventure.