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Friday, December 19, 2008

DMLH Lyrics - We Wont Know

This is a rough mix of a song composed of parts of a few other songs, that all came together just right on this beat. The beat, of course, is by Shermstixx, and this song is being recorded for our upcoming Start Fires LP.

*****edit - i have since recorded the final version of the song and so this is now the album version.

<a href="">we won't know by Start Fires</a>


Quit dragging the gravestone.
Sip flagons and blaze cones,
raise your hands! Take action!
Live with passion and great hope!
This is our last chance to do something present.
The present turns to past just as fast as we live it
so NOW you can pivot to check this:
Picture all the pictures we've been fed:
Stars and stripes, Nixon's hands, and JFK's head.
Fixtures in the texts guide history lessons,
inflict patterned processes that shatter our senses.
Pick up the pieces, reformat your fences
they define the lines for us to color in.
If we step out they prescribe a life
to keep us wondering: "What just happened here?"
People fear thunder, when it rains it pours
we keep on working with this program under reigns of laws.
Fuck chains and bars! Write your names on walls!
Leave a message for the future when your slang's been solved.
That which stands can fall, that which falls is gone
they'll never break my balls, my word is my bond!
can't tell me what to do, I'm free to choose
that's okay, something new is on the move

what it is they've done to us
we build: ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Return home to this triple-grit, middle ground silhouette
simple sounds soften the bash: smashed: back out the ditch
lash out at the whip, cash out and get gone.
This old staid scream is a charade game playground love affair:
she's in summer hair with grass clippings
Navigating class trappings
as meter cops walk down the block
implanting satellite tracers: just to hear us talk?
we're being watched
by all these cameras connected to clocks
while we stand they're connecting the dots
I'm sure you've seen the map on the wireless spots
on the devil box of lights and tireless thoughts
be the hype kid who used to dishwash
turned around, made it big, and hired his boss
pay attention:
when they lie they switch words,
get us high with big words, inflict the burbs with sick words:
the promise of flight in the eyes of sick birds
stuck in the nest egg and taxed on sustenance
Trust its delivery?
Don't ask for your liberty!
This is every moment lets examine how we're living it!

what it is they've done to us

Watch it Grow

It is officially on. Along with my good friend and stencil artist Thrashley Caustic, I will be going on tour beginning in February 2000FINE. We are heading across the country under the banner "Watch it Grow" with hopes to meet people and find out more about what kind of progressive developments are happening in other regions. Not only to share our visions, words, thoughts and actions, but to learn from others and let it affect our growth. We are getting in touch with infoshops, cafes, art galleries, collective houses, promoters, artists and activists all over the place and we hope it will take us to a place near you!. We are also bringing along some friends: My brother
Andreas, who raps forward thinking anthems, and Michael Cantino, who plays garage-blues as Orange Jam, and will be our first rideshare going between Portland and San Francisco. We are looking for places to play, rides, places to sleep and people to meet along the way, so if it seems like something you might be into, by all means get in touch with me at
Fore more info on our travels, including updates, live videos and more while we are on the road, check out our blog at WATCHITGROW.INFO Hope to see you out there!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Winter Rain Mix

click image for download

This week the rains are coming, i can feel it. Portland is a strange friend. After the summer unfolds, just when everything gets really carefree, Portland shifts into the gray and damp chill that sinks deep into bones. It hasn't quite happened yet, we just catch little glimpses. This week it feels like it might be the one we don't come back from, not for many months.

I also just lost 100 gigs of music, so here is a taste of what i've got left. If you like the music by Algorhythms and Daimyo!, check out their free EPs (and those of other artists) at World-Around Records. Nightcrawlers is a local Portland rap crew and their music is currently available through their myspace page. Saudade put out a free LP at their blog, and Shermstixx has a number of songs available through HAVE FUN!