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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DMLH - Got My Taxes Done

Okay, so I did my taxes. Looks like I am not really getting much back. Which is good because it fosters independence from institutional monies. The goal here is to remember to have fun in the Great Depression, stay positive and use the creative energy to generate something greater than money. Right? I just keep reminding myself that its okay to be broke as fuck. Actually i keep getting reminders, when my friends in Portland and around the country respond and help me to build and keep working. Its all about mutual support. We all have our part to play.

Anyway I did my taxes with a certain online prep tool (and by hand of course, to double check) and it brings me back two years, when my good friend and owner of the dopest movie theater in Portland came to me with a proposal: write a song about taxes to win ten grand in an online video contest. He had just won another chunk of money from another random corporation, so I thought it was a pretty good idea. I sat down and wrote some funny lyrics, and we spent a day shooting scenes around Portland with a bunch of crazy cars a friend of ours had at the time. It turned out to be a pretty good video, really one of the better quality entries, but we did not win. I think it was rigged. Anyway now instead of 10 gs we have a silly video that has probably gotten some 3000 views. This is probably the ONLY time you will ever catch me shilling for corporate scum, and though embarrassed by that I still think its a funny little story and worth looking back on. Big ups to Kendall for rockin the boardslide.

Oh yeah, if any independent businesses need a dope jingle, holla @ me.

Friday, January 16, 2009

DMLH - Jam Session Freestyle at Cantino Castle

We were invited over for a potluck and eventually made our way down into the basement.


DMLH stars in anti-smoking commercial? No lie!

I found a dvd of this ad while cleaning out my room to sublet for tour. Yes I am the model for the animated smoker. My buddy Matt the Robot made this commercial in 2006, and we shot the photos that most of it is drawn from at the Clinton St. Theater in Portland. Matt is a way talented animator, and this is really more of a quick and janky project compared to the stuff he does now. He is currently working on an animated series with Ben Joseph and David Arquette called "Motha Truckas" - check out the trailer for it below, and then check out his other work at if you want to see more.

"Smoke Buddies"

"smoke buddies" anti-smoking PSA from Manbaby on Vimeo.

"Motha Truckas"

Mutha Truckas from Manbaby on Vimeo.

more at

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DMLH Videos from 2013

For a year beginning in August 2007 I was part of a collective effort to curate a store for progressive, visionary and local culture. We painted murals on all the walls and the outside, built out counters and shelves and networked like crazy with local artists and crafters to stock the best in local goods. We were open seven days a week for the whole year and we had shows there at least once a month. It was an awesome undertaking and a great learning expereince, and ultimately fell victim to the crumbling economy (thanks america!). Anyway, like I said we had a few great shows there and this little video player collects a night of my performance there. This night was funny because I got to the show after working an 8 hour day with a catering company on the 35th floor of a hospital. Regardless, I was amped to see the big group of people there for our re-modelling party, and brought the good energy out to share.

Monday, January 05, 2009

DMLH Lyrics - Things Tend To Happen

I wrote this song during this past summer while going through a number of beats that Alex had produced in 2004. This one caught me because it was so subtle, yet when you hear it through some badass subs it overpowers most clubs. Anyway, at first I thought that the chorus concept was a little too vague, but after a year of total absurdity and probably the most self growth I have experienced yet, I think there is probably no other way to describe this wild ride.

<a href="">things tend to happen by Start Fires</a>


if we don't notice
then maybe we might act in
our best interest and ask man
we're at half mast with our heads in the past
while my heart is in the present
tearing the strings from the mask

akin to wearing things received
as a true gift from the trash
faces grin: i can bear that
with the strength of my laugh
i chase the wind to find my spirit
sitting steady like a statue
ask, you may receive
what you need
or perceive to lack
i hope you will succeed in that
i believe in the maps
of the stars
and the hands that clap
in the back of these bars
while we stand there and stare
as the bands get prepared
i believe in the traps
for the scared
so i'm facing my fears
i want to chase em with beers
but that's complacent and geared
to making me forget the reason
i'm so blatantly weird
what i create is the mirror
to see my fate through the years
when i can't see it clear
i wonder where I'm looking from
here, hear the kicking drums
cheer when the weekend comes NEAR
we cycle through the seasons
keep our vital signs breathing
see with sight: the signs meaning
is the right to reason:
its alike to the timed
flash sequence of the lights
its the sight in the mind
as the image reunites
its the memories we make
with all the message we're given
our energy at stake
that feeds our enemies within
you can catch me at the gate
watching with empathy and vision
will it ever be different?
will i only be the witness?

as things tend to happen,
if we don't notice
then maybe we might act in
our best interest and ask man
we're at half mast with our heads in the past
while my heart is in the present
tearing the strings from the mask

This is the moment that we're sharing
hold our stories in a basket
all we ever wanted
was our future tied fast with
the strands that extend throughout
the passage of time
what we choose is our path
which every action refines
when i sing its for the sensual
impact on my mind
ring with vibration in my breath to match
the earth and the sky
I am a person alive
i learn how people survive
I earn my place out in this process
of rebirth and design

i'm searching for the signs
that have been placed for my eyes
so i can learn how my perception
keeps my whole world aligned
its worth the time to turn my mind
into a beacon that shines
to build my heart into the rhythm
that can move us through the lines
fill my voice with all the wisdom i can find in the clutter
let the noise turn into symphonies all timed with each other
or allow myself to learn as it occurs while i stare
without a doubt as to the purpose myself when i'm there

as things tend to happen,
if we don't notice
then maybe we might act in
our best interest and ask man
we're at half mast with our heads in the past
while my heart is in the present
tearing the strings from the mask