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Friday, March 20, 2009

BC's Smoke Shop! (i lost my hat again)

Hey! I had a great time rocking for everyone out at the BC smoke shop on 20th/guadalupe in austin yesterday! i will get some videos and photos up later today, but i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who was there, steve and everyone with BC who hooked me up with the spot, electric13 tattoos, Flying Falafal for the damn good authentic hummous and po-boys around the corner, Alicia and the BC girls for the beer and lighters, TC for the hot dogs, the bands: sixes and eights, turncoat and messenger from the msg crew. ALSO, thank you so much to Sarah and ____ (sorry, my memory got all foggy in the car) for the ride to the bus stop, my only question is: did I leave my hat with the white feather in your backseat? If so hit me up i will be around for a while, I would love to trade a copy of the new start fires album (my group in portland) as a reward. . YES! i will be in austin for another few weeks, whats happening out there? HOLLA AT ME yall-

Sunday, March 15, 2009

collage insert from the start fires album

While we were recording, mixing and mastering our album in portland this past february, we took some time out to make a double sided collage poster, which we then copied and included in the hand-packaged first edition of the cd. While I was making my side I realized that I had subconsciously encorporated many representitive aspects of my life expereince. Upon its completion I held a roadmap to many parts of my soul, past, present and future all at once. Very interesting process indeed.

click to enlarge

I am in Austin right now for the South By South West music festival and just took some time out to have it scanned at the local copy shop, so I could finally share it with everyone who has yet to get a copy of the cd. Want one? hit me up: or just make a contribution of $15 or more at, where you can name your own price for the download ($10 gets you all the tracks).