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Friday, June 26, 2009

Follow the yellow brick road

I went on tour around the country last february with a madcap crew of homies, including my brother dre and one of my best friends thashley caustic. We were on a mission to share our art, music and words with as many people as we could, as well as learn something about all the places we visited. In a word, it was transformative. I saw pieces of myself that I had buried years ago, or never even discovered, and found a renewed interest in my art practice. I had planned on returning to Portland and enjoying a summer of shows, parties, sunshine and art making, but this possibility transformed as well. I am now living in Boise, Idaho, the town my father grew up in.

I like Boise. I sort of thought it would be small and small minded, but instead have found it to be growing and big hearted. The urban farming movement here may very well put Portland to the test. I am talking about urban farms on multiple acres, and conservative republicans supporting local organic growers (even if it is only the current fashion, at least we are getting some land!). The weekend open air market draws people from all across this corner of the state and offers finely crafted food and goods from many local purveyors. There is also a growing art scene here that, while clearly a part of the larger movements in contemporary art, has a character that seems uniquely Idahoan - bold, rugged, direct, and communicative. This is the attitude if find in most of the people I meet - people from all backgrounds, beliefs and political positions. People here are willing to talk to their neighbor, even if they disagree.

2 weeks ago I was a part of the collective experience of Esthetic Evolution 5. This was my third year attending this intentional gathering/rave party in the mountains, and once again it will go down as a strong memory in my life. I had the opportunity to perform some songs and new poems on the second night, accompanied by some ambient production from Beej. It was a pleasant combination and put the room in a nice space for interpreting the words, and we are planning on making some new musicpoems together this summer. I really appreciated everyone who was able to come talk to me about the work - as always it means more when you know it has reached another mind/spirit (anyone with pictures from esthetic, please hit me up)

Anyway, I am stoked to be here in Boise. The quiet pace has allowed me to focus more on my writing and I know it will prove to be good. I am moving out to live on my friends organic farm in a few weeks, and i know i will learn a thing or two out there. I am making some decent money waiting tables, so i might just be able to pay off most of my debts this year and get on with my plan of being an itinerant poet. I am writing and walking and soaking in the hot springs, so finally i feel like i can relax a little bit and enjoy the process.

Thanks boise!