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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Michael Griffith brings his calm voice to share with #occupyportland

Michael Griffith, who's 2010 release "A Thousand Swords & The Flooded Cave" was one of my favorite albums of that year, brought his guitar down to stand during the last moments of #occupyportland's eviction standoff. Surrounded by peaceful demonstrators of all ages chanting in the face of a massive force of riot police, Griff's understated voice sings to the tension and beauty of the peoples struggle to be heard. Documented by Portland's Into The Woods, this moment of tribute to community participation and sharing of voice is poignant for this time of change.

Feels Like Home Episode #41 - Occupy Portland - Michael Griffith "Woods of Error" from Into The Woods on Vimeo.

New Podcast from World Around Records

The homies over at World Around Records have dropped a new podcast via Mixcloud and its a doozy. Hosted by the ever interesting Philly emcee Zilla Rocca, this mix features new joints from the label roster, including Man Mantis, who's latest album never leaves my car stereo, and few choice cuts from outside the park.